One of the core concepts for its operations is the company’s strict Environmental Management System (EMS), which is used to ensure protection of the natural surroundings and the communities near our operations. SQM designed the system in order to address all of the environmental and social aspects of its new investments. The EMS focuses on key matters such as the protection of sensitive environmental areas, compliance with applicable laws, safeguarding archaeological and cultural heritage, and limiting the impacts of the company’s activities on the lifestyles, customs and traditions of neighbouring communities.

SQM makes sure that environmental assessments are conducted for all new projects or major modifications to existing ones. Over 53 projects have been assessed and approved since the enactment of Law No. 19,300 on General Environmental Bases in 1994.

• Flamingos Monitoring , Puilar Lagoon, Salar de Atacama
• Water quality monitoring Water and Aquatic Biota, Llamara Salar