Internal Mobility Programme

SQM is committed to encouraging the growth and development of its employees. The Internal Mobility Programme enables our general and supervisory employees to apply for new positions, generating opportunities for professional development and growth within the company.

The Internal Mobility Programme encourages both vertical development (promotions or upgrades) and horizontal development (being transferred to a position of similar rank with new responsibilities).

• Competitive Grants "Give a hand to your community"

Counting on the ideas of our employees

As a way to encourage all employees of the company on a continuous improvement of their respective workplaces, SQM conducts since 2008 a contest referred to as "Your Idea… Counts."<

The initiative focuses on recognizing that workers themselves best know their work areas and production processes, and that therefore, their contribution on ideas of risk prevention, savings and productivity is highly valued by the company.

The competition is focused on creating initiatives in three areas of great interest:

• SAFETY: Ideas that improve the safety of the workplace or the activities performed therein.

• PRODUCTIVITY: Ideas that improve the results of an operation to achieve the goals set for the latter, without disregarding the safety of personnel working in the area.

• SAVING: Ideas that allow to reduce the costs associated with an operation or function, without disregarding both the results of the area and the safety of personnel working therein.