Corporate Information

We are SQM

SQM is a company with worldwide presence in industries essential for human development, through five lines of business: specialty plant nutrition, lithium and derivatives, iodine and derivatives, industrial chemicals and potassium.

Through its 50 years of innovation and technological development, we have established ourselves as world leaders in the lithium, potassium nitrate, iodine and thermo-solar salts markets.

We surpassed the 2 billion dollars in sales, managed by the 20 commercial offices, distributed in the five continents and that allowed us presence in 115 countries.

To achieve world leadership, we have invested heavily to increase our productive capacity; open new projects; train our human team; conduct research; improve technology and perform actions to understand the needs of our customers.

With operations in Salar de Atacama, Coya Sur, María Elena, Pedro de Valdivia, Tocopilla, Salar del Carmen and Nueva Victoria, we are the heirs of the saltpeter industry; and a base of innovation and meticulous engineering work, we reinvent it.

Today, not only quality products and services are offered, but we work together with our clients around the world to achieve the success of their businesses, making SQM a strategic ally.