water soluble NPKs

Bulldog® Water-Soluble NPK’s

Bulldog® is a complete range of water-soluble nutritional formulations designed to offer and integrated and balanced fertility program. Bulldog® enhances the efficiency and productivity of a turf grass and landscape management program.

  • Is a free-flowing, crystalline powder that quickly dissolves in water.
  • Provides a balanced nutritional approach for immediate and predictable results.
  • Compatible with the majority of pesticides, thus increasing the efficiency and performance of both the turf grass and the applicator.
  • Ideal for application in a "pulse-feed" program, increasing precision of nutrients and reducing negative environmental impacts.

Bulldog StableN Water Soluble Fertilizers

SQM’s Bulldog StableN Water Soluble Fertilizers are premium stabilized nitrogen fertilizers that deliver long-lasting performance and consistent green color, making them ideal for golf course and other turf and ornamental applications. They are 100% water-soluble, high analysis formulas that can be both foliar and soil applied, containing a balanced mixture of all essential plant nutrients with additional stabilized nitrogen. Bulldog StableN Water Soluble Fertilizers control nitrogen loss due to volatility, denitrification and leaching, ensuring highly efficient performance for maximum returns.