El Puerto Cowork entrepreneurs connected with potential customers, formed partnerships and made sales at EXPONOR 2024

El Puerto Cowork entrepreneurs connected with potential customers, formed partnerships and made sales at EXPONOR 2024


A tremendous showcase for products and services related to sustainability and a circular economy, EXPONOR 2024 offered connections with potential customers as well as working partnerships with suppliers and companies, including mining-related companies. With support from SQM Iodine and Plant Nutrition, eight El Puerto Cowork entrepreneurs participated at a stand along with Fundación Factor de Cambio.

These entrepreneurs from different parts of the Antofagasta and Tarapacá regions also participated in other parts of the event, like business conferences, technical talks and seminars. “I had seven business conferences, and each went well. I thought it was a great window…  Hopefully, this type of initiative will continue,” said Rocio Bertin of Nanobio (Iquique), one of the participating El Puerto Cowork entrepreneurs.

CORFO Regional Director Melissa Gajardo, SERCOTEC Regional Director Kevyn Galleguillos, AIA Chief Executive Officer Fernando Cortez and AIA Chairman Marko Razmilic visited the stand. The Huara and Bajo Soga communities also learned about El Puerto Cowork through a talk by its director and the SERCOTEC Regional Director on efforts with entrepreneurs and public-private collaboration for funding access.

Héctor Anabalón, Executive Director at El Puerto Cowork and Fundación Factor de Cambio (the executing agency), commented: “We are pleased. These four days have been intense. Our work team has demonstrated a strong commitment, as have the eight entrepreneurs from around the Tarapacá and Antofagasta regions.  They showcased our work over the years and made a name for their products and services. We thank the participants and those who visited our stand at EXPONOR 2024.”

SQM Iodine and Plant Nutrition’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Pablo Pisani, remarked, “We are very pleased to see El Puerto Cowork’s strong presence at EXPONOR. The event ties in very well with local development and sustainable entrepreneurship. It features a lot of knowledge and companies offering innovation and sustainability-based solutions. These professionals do a very good job of showcasing and addressing these issues through entrepreneurial ventures in Tocopilla, María Elena, Tarapacá, Antofagasta… There are plenty of opportunities in this part of Chile, as highlighted by El Puerto Cowork’s various programs.”


Entrepreneurial ventures from Tocopilla, Calama, Antofagasta, Iquique and Alto Hospicio that had participated in El Puerto Cowork programs participated in EXPONOR. Yerko Soré of Tocgreen Solutions (Tocopilla) showcased his photovoltaic panel cleaning initiative. He commented, “This has been a great experience.  We made great connections with companies that need our services and suppliers that can provide certain inputs to improve our equipment. Support from the El Puerto Cowork has been second to none. Participating in EXPONOR has been a great opportunity.”

Mattia Carenini from Matter of Trust Chile (Antofagasta), which offers Agropelo, a water-saving agricultural solution, and Petropelo, which absorbs hydrocarbons, commented: “We were able to connect with mining companies from the region and elsewhere. It was an extremely important opportunity, a great industry showcase. We are very grateful for this opportunity to connect with new customers.”

Juana Palape of Larama Papelería Ecológica (Alto Hospicio), who uses waste to create compostable, germinable notepads, said: “I was amazed by the business conferences; that was very new to me. The companies reacted very positively to the products. Stand visitors were impressed that we are recovering the aromas of northern Chile. I am really happy with the wonderful achievements at this expo.”

Fernando Salinas of Planeta Agrícola (Antofagasta), who participated with his automated plant watering project, reflected, “In truth, it has been a very good experience.  We were pleasantly surprised by the reactions. People were happy to receive the seedlings and are beginning to recognize our brand. The feedback has been very good.”

Entrepreneurs Reyna Calle and Rocío Araya of Innova Recicla (Calama), who participated with their waste management project, said their EXPONOR experience was positive. “We greatly appreciate this opportunity to connect with other companies. We met many contacts with whom we are quite sure we will reach good agreements.”

Héctor Vera, Founder of Expodesierto (Antofagasta)—a hydroponics-solar energy venture that installs solar panels, offers circular economy workshops and operates the desert’s first vermiculture plant—remarked, “EXPONOR has helped us put our company on the map.  We have already reached agreements with some companies that visited us there.”

Juan Luengo, a teacher at the Elena Duvauchelle Cabezón Technical Sports School (Iquique) who participated with his hydroponics initiative for schoolchildren, noted, “Ours was a special experience. We interacted with people, showcased our project and built some collaborative partnerships with schools looking to follow the path of sustainability. Being congratulated for our efforts in this public school was very gratifying.”

This was El Puerto Cowork’s second time at EXPONOR. The six-year-old organization showcased a range of sustainability-aligned entrepreneurial ventures from different parts of northern Chile as well as its Embárcate, Sustainability Challenges and Sustainable DNA programs.