Entrepreneurs and fishermen benefited from the Activa Pisagua Program

Entrepreneurs and fishermen benefited from the Activa Pisagua Program


The 2nd version of the program provided raw materials, machinery and supplies for production development to eight winners of the Competitive Funding Grant as well as Shellfish Divers Union No. 1 and Independent Workers of Pisagua Union No. 2 members.

To promote the production and social development and contribute to the quality of life of Pisagua residents, SQM Yodo Nutrición Vegetal and Fundación Factor de Cambio delivered supplies and equipment to local entrepreneurs and fishermen through the Activa Pisagua Program.

This initiative provided a total of CLP 16 million for the eight entrepreneurs who won competitive funding grants for their business projects and CLP 21 million to purchase diving equipment for members of the Shellfish Divers Union No. 1. The donation will improve working conditions, impacting their families and the environment.

Alejandro Fernández, SQM Yodo Nutrición Vegetal’s Head of Production Development, commented, “The Activa Pisagua Program is a milestone that demonstrates compliance with the commitments made through our working group in Pisagua. Thanks to the program, eight new services are now available to help people visiting from other places enjoy Pisagua. Also, thanks to the new equipment, fishermen and shellfish divers will be able to do their jobs better. We are contributing to the creation of shared social value in the area.”

Héctor Anabalón, Executive Director at Fundación Factor de Cambio, added, “This type of initiative, which lends value and visibility to the most remote towns, is tremendously gratifying. We have met people whose business projects have great potential and promote local development even beyond the town limits. That is why fieldwork is so important. We can identify different needs—in entrepreneurship or production development for the communities and fishermen—and channel them optimally.



Deynna Araya, an entrepreneur whose Natural Cosmetics and Holistic Medicine project received funding through the Activa Pisagua competitive funding grants, said, “My initiative consists of transforming herbs and algae into natural cosmetics, like creams, shampoos, ointments, everything for the body and health.”

She reported that the funding “helped me expand as I bring health and wellness to the community through natural cosmetics and sea medicine.”

Wilson Inostroza, President of Shellfish Divers Union No. 1, commented, “Through the working group meetings, they have supported us in many activities, primarily Activa Pisagua. As fishermen, we needed a boost for small businesses, both on land and at sea. Therefore, we are grateful for SQM’s and the foundation’s support for the union’s small-scale fishing industry.”

As part of the program, the equipment donation will be delivered to the Pisagua Independent Workers Union No. 2 members in the coming days. Activa Pisagua aims to support community development by promoting initiatives that improve local social and production conditions.