Specialty plant nutrition

SQM is the global market leader in producing potassium nitrate of natural origin, with the lowest carbon footprint, chlorine-free, and 100% water soluble, allowing a more rational use of water for fertigation applications, increasing the quality and yield of a variety of crops. Our know-how comes from comprehensive research and numerous field studies conducted by our agronomic teams worldwide in close contact with growers. This sound agronomic knowledge is key for the development of specific formulas and matching fertigation software tools, allowing us to provide expert advice for balanced nutritional programs.

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Contributing to the development of the SDGs of the Global Compact

The production of potassium nitrate of natural origin used throughout the world as a specialty fertilizer, has a low carbon footprint, and participates in a better production of food of agricultural origin, allowing to optimize the use of irrigation water

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Soluble product lines for fertigation

Ultrasol® offers a complete range of water soluble nutrients designed to provide an integral solution through fertigation to meet the plant’s needs during each phenological phase. The Ultrasol® formulas include macro and micronutrients and are fully water soluble and chloride free, which makes for efficient absorption of the nutrients.

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Granulated or prilled product lines for soil application

Qrop® is a complete line of nutritional solutions designed for direct soil application that offers a wide variety of specialized formulas and unique, highly precise mixtures that are readily available for the plant. All products in the Qrop® line cover specific crops and soil conditions, delivering nutrients necessary for proper nutrition such as potassium and nitric nitrogen and allowing you to maximize yield.

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Soluble product lines

Speedfol® is a Specialty Plant Nutrition program for foliar application and the only triple-action product. This means that, in addition to correcting and quickly preventing nutritional deficiencies, it provides special active elements that biostimulate crops from their leaves, guaranteeing unique, quality crops.

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Products for organic farming

Allganic® is SQM’s family of fully organic fertilizers. All Allganic® fertilizers are natural and environmentally friendly. Allganic® improves the life of crops in organic soils in order to obtain high-quality harvests, generating healthy, nutritional food for a better quality of life.

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Use and Applications of Specialty Plant Nutrition

Did you know that SQM reinvented the nitrates industry by innovating in the production of potassium nitrate? We invite you to explore the uses and applications of this fertilizer that we export to six continents.