Our Identity

SQM’s current identity is the result of a historical process marked by the Company’s hallmarks of innovation and development. The decision and ability to reinvent itself time and again, adapting to the market and its customers’ diverse needs, is one of the qualities that sustains each business line. This gradual evolution has taken place in several phases, each reflected in the achievements that narrate the story of SQM.

Nitrate Posters Around the World

In the late 19th century, Chile developed a creative, far-reaching advertising campaign to promote nitrates around the world that would go down in history due to the quality of its graphics. Distributors and farmers from all over the world received this attractive advertising material, intelligently adapted to their culture and the agriculture sector in their markets. In each country, an agent was chosen from among local leaders, prestigious university faculty, researchers or agricultural engineers. This ambitious strategy was applied in more than 30 countries, and was based on the same principle in all of them: the messages, support and even gifts were created respecting the language, the customs and the needs of the final user.