Risk Prevention

Safety is a core corporate value that is integrated into our work systems and everything we do. We strive to build a culture of prevention, which has enabled us to take care of and protect our workers. SQM is deeply committed to caring for our employees and contractors. In this spirit, we have developed a work system that controls health and safety risks at all times. We promote a culture focused on preventing risk, integrating actions that encourage safety into our daily operations. We also aim to integrate this culture of prevention into our workers’ families.

Caring for people’s safety is a priority commitment at the Company that motivates us daily to strive for safe and accident-free operations, which is why safety is one of the Company values. Caring for individual and group safety is vitally important to SQM which is why we foster a culture of prevention and encourage our workers to also adopt this approach at home. We manage our own Critical Inventory by identifying hazards and evaluating risks related to the process carried out in the different areas. By identifying hazards and evaluating risks we are able to determine which items are critical in order to establish the necessary effective controls. Once implemented, we conduct an evaluation of each control that has been set up to address occupational health and safety issues. The purpose is to determine to what extent the issue being evaluated is actually brought under control so that we can then develop the necessary action plans to ensure an effective control. We then confirm the processes to evaluate and continuously improve the occupational health and safety management system. Moreover, employees are able to use Performance Dialogues to notify management of hazards or dangerous situations. Employees wishing to remove themselves from workplace situations thatthey believe may cause injury, illness or disease are protected under the provisions of Article 184 bis of the Labor Code.
SQM bases its work on an Operational Risk Management System (SISGRO) with a view to facilitating and standardizing company-wide prevention management and controlling occupational risks and losses that could potentially occur at its different operations. SISGRO is a mandatory application for all individuals working at the Company, whether at our production centers, sites or projects. All activities carried out under SISGRO are part of the Operational Excellence Program, called M1, through which the Company is able to standardize the suite of Lean system tools provided under M1 to risk management, thereby providing better outcomes. THE PRINCIPLES OF OUR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ARE: • Leadership. • Behavior-based Prevention. • Joint Committee on Hygiene and Safety (JCHS). • Accident Investigation Reporting. • On-site Activities. • Compliance. • Contractor Oversight. • Emergency Plans. • Ongoing Training • Order and Cleanliness. • SISGRO Audits.