Giro Limpio

It is a voluntary Chilean program, administered by the Energy Sustainability Agency, which seeks to certify and recognize the efforts made by freight transport companies in the field of sustainability and energy efficiency.

In addition, Giro Limpio Program certifies cargo generating companies that prefer Clean Turn certified carriers, thus contributing to reduce energy consumption and emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) and other local pollutants that affect the health of people, reducing the environmental impact of the various value chains in our country.


Progress Report

Certify with Giro Limpio Program the internal truck fleet and those of SQM collaborating companies

The company is part of this initiative that seeks to improve and strengthen energy efficiency in road freight transport, to reduce the consumption of polluting fuels and CO2e emissions, to contribute to more efficient, competitive and environmentally friendly production. . In this sense, SQM was certified in 2021 together with its collaborating companies in the load generator category, since it moves 50% through truck fleets that already have the seal by meeting the requirements established by the program.