Responsible Care

We earned Responsible Care accreditation at Nueva Victoria for the first time in 2013. It was verified in 2016 and is valid through 2021.

We are currently working toward starting the certification process for the Port of Tocopilla.

ASIQUIM leads the initiative in Chile.

We commit to abiding by the six basic principles of Responsible Care: continual improvement in environmental, health and safety performance; efficient use of resources; listen to, integrate and work with the surrounding community; and provide assistance to promote responsible management of chemical products. SQM will also re-certify every three years.


Progress Report

Continuous improvement in environmental health and safety knowledge; improving technology, process and product performance throughout the entire life cycle to prevent harm to humankind or the environment. Use resources efficiently and minimize waste.

The “Our Environment” area of our Sustainability Plan includes the goal of improving our understanding of the environment where we operate in order to minimize impact. Thanks to our ongoing investment in R+D, we have increased our operating and energy efficiency, begun recycling campaigns and built stable relationships via programs co-created with the community. In 2020, ASIQUIM presented the Pozo Almonte Research and Development Center with Responsible Care accreditation in Community Relations for its contribution to supporting local farming and ranching and fortifying the family economy.

Openly report on performance, achievements and deficiencies.

All our impact information regarding emissions and water use is available in our Sustainability Report. Along with reporting to the competent authorities, we are working on an online platform to make our environmental measurements in the areas of influence publicly available.

Listen to, integrate and work with the community to understand and consider their concerns and expectations.

We have been working on a policy of strengthening and expanding our local community presence to work with them and co-create shared social value. In 2020 and 2021, we have maintained relationship agreements that will further those engagement efforts.

Provide assistance and advising to promote responsible management of chemical products.

All our products have safety sheets with instructions for using and handling our chemical products.

In 2021, the port of Tocopilla obtained the Responsible Care certification, which will be valid for 3 years to start the re-verification stage. See certificate here

In 2022, the Nueva Victoria Plant obtained the Responsible Care certification, which will be valid for 3 years from the date of re-verification. See certificate here