Antofagasta becomes the epicenter of world bodyboarding with ABF 2024

Antofagasta becomes the epicenter of world bodyboarding with ABF 2024


More than 200 athletes will take part in this year's competition, which will be held until May 26th at the "La Cúpula de Poder" wave at Llacolén beach.

The wait is over for bodyboarding fans. The official launch of the 12th version of the Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival ABF 2024 was held at the historic Melbourne Clark pier in Antofagasta. At the event, awards were also given to the leaders of the regional qualifying circuit, who will represent the region in the greatest world show of this sport.


The contest, organized by Club Budeo and presented by SQM’s Iodine and Plant Nutrition Division and other companies, will bring together the best riders from countries like Japan, South Africa, France, Spain, Hawaii, Italy, Morocco, Italy, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Brazil and Chile, among others. The athletes can be seen in action between May 14th and 26th, showing off their skills on the classic wave “La Cúpula de Poder,” at Llacolén beach.


“In any sport, seeing the best competitors in the world is a spectacle, so we are happy to once again welcome the best riders and witness here in Antofagasta this great gathering of children and young people, which will be transformed over the next 13 days into a great party for the community,” said the director of Club Budeo, Arturo Soto. “It is important to recognize that the ABF has an extremely positive economic impact beyond sports. Not only does it add value to the coastal territories and give the region’s children and young people a purpose, but the ABF is also a business for the city, from a tourism standpoint, as it welcomes more than 250 athletes and their entourages, who spend an average of US$100 per day for 15 days, which is equivalent to half a million dollars for the city,” stated Arturo Soto.


The ABF is the most important event on the world tour. Each year it distributes a total of US$90 thousand and brings together more than 200 competitors participating in five categories: Women Pro, Men Pro, Junior Women, Junior Men and Drop Knee. This year, a historic record was set for the number of competitors registered, and for the first time the Antofagasta competition will define the global circuit’s world champion in two categories: Drop Knee and Junior Women.


Manuel Ossandón, head of Community Relations Antofagasta for SQM’s Iodine and Plant Nutrition Division, commented that “sports and a healthier lifestyle make up one of the main pillars of our community engagement work, so, once again we have joined this international championship that values local talent and provides an international showcase for Antofagasta and our local and national athletes. This tournament is already a registered trademark in Antofagasta. We invite the entire community to join and be part of this world-class sporting event.”





In addition to many international competitors, 25 local athletes will also participate, after making the cut at the Regional Qualifying Circuit held between January and April in Tocopilla, Mejillones and Antofagasta. The qualifier also included Ch$3 million in total shared prizes and two tickets to Europe to compete in the finals of the World Bodyboarding Tour in Spain’s Canary Islands.


The festival, which hopes to attract more than 20,000 spectators during the 13-day event, promises to be an experience for both bodyboard lovers and Antofagasta families, who can appreciate the riders’ talent and also participate in a variety of activities like talks on environmental awareness, sports clinics, recycling workshops and beach clean-ups.


In addition, the community will be able to enjoy live music by Chilean artists Chystemc and Zaturno (formerly Tiro de Gracia), and a new version of the Entrepreneurship, Tourism and Social Innovation Fair (FETURIS), which will offer visitors a sample of the wonders of the region.


The 12th version of the Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival ABF 2024, organized by Club Budeo and presented by SQM’s Iodine and Plant Nutrition Division and Escondida | BHP, in collaboration with Colbún, Antofagasta Minerals, R&R Mining and Sercotec, will be broadcast live on ABFChile’s youtube channel.