Lithium Battery R&D&I Center: Board Meeting Approves Planning for 2023

Lithium Battery R&D&I Center: Board Meeting Approves Planning for 2023


The definition of a new training pathway that meets the need for new professionals in the lithium industry is one of the center’s goals.

To plan the consolidation of the Research, Development and Innovation Center in the Lithium Battery Value Chain for 2023, the second session of the board of directors was held in the main building of the Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN). On this occasion, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Geological Sciences (FICG), Dr. Hernán Cáceres, shared the progress of this initiative.

The meeting focused on planning for the center and the milestones that will mark its formation during 2023, including the signing of agreements with prestigious international institutions, the constitution of a training pathway for new advanced human capital, the need for appropriate new infrastructure and an upcoming inauguration of the offices.

The Dean of the FICG, Hernán Cáceres, explained that “we have completed an important milestone in the second board session for this project. We have integrated more than 40 academics and we are planning to incorporate 50 undergraduate and postgraduate students who are conducting relevant research and to apply for projects that will let us expand the center’s impact. We have also established agreements with international entities to help us with the development of our strategic plan for the center.”

The second board session included the participation of the UCN Chancellor, Dr. Rodrigo Alda Varas, the Vice Chancellor of Research and Technological Development at UCN, Rodrigo Sfeir, SQM’s Director of Iodine Nitrates Communities and Public Affairs, Pablo Pisani, SQM’s Innovation and Development Manager, Osvaldo Yáñez, and the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Geological Sciences, Dr. Hernán Cáceres.

The UCN Chancellor, Rodrigo Alda, mentioned that “we have been able to confirm significant progress in the different lines of work, and, beyond the activities carried out, this lets us project into 2023, where we are beginning to see many more evident findings regarding the formation of multidisciplinary work teams within UCN, with different academic units involved, which make us very happy.”


2023 Planning

At the meeting, the board of directors of the UCN Lithium Battery R&D&I Center approved a series of actions that will be carried out this year and are essential for its consolidation, and also approved the definition of the center’s name, its mission and vision.

In January, we expect to sign agreements with prestigious international research centers to incorporate know-how into the center’s different research lines and promote the exchange of knowledge, research and academic activities, while supporting the achievement of strategic objectives.

One of the center’s goals is to define a new training pathway that meets the need for new professionals in the lithium industry, since the region projects significant development in the mining and renewable energies sector, specifically in the technological area of its extraction, processing and maintenance processes.

“We think it is really important for the university to adapt to the changes and requirements that are taking place, especially with the lithium industry, to meet the challenges to come. Ten years ago there was no talk of lithium like there is today, which is why it is important for the university to analyze where greater capacities are needed and to develop them quickly to adapt to these changes that are already taking place,” said Osvaldo Yáñez, SQM’s Innovation and Development Manager.                                                             

The session concluded with the analysis of the proposal to consolidate new infrastructure based on the development of advanced human capital and the level of technology transfer that will be implemented by the Lithium Battery R&D&I Center, which will begin to share its progress with the community at an international seminar planned for the first half of the year.