Expansion of rural health clinic in Colonia Agrícola de Pintados inaugurated for 24/7 service

Expansion of rural health clinic in Colonia Agrícola de Pintados inaugurated for 24/7 service


A collaboration between SQM, the Municipality of Pozo Almonte and the community of Pintados culminated in the completion of a project that will extend medical coverage to families in the sector.

With great joy, the community of Colonia Agrícola de Pintados joined local authorities and representatives of SQM to inaugurate the expansion of the rural medical clinic in the area, a project made possible by a joint effort between social organizations, the local municipality and SQM, through a working group that has spearheaded various initiatives in areas such as education, productive development and others.

The new facilities were unveiled at a ceremony led by the Director of Nitrates and Iodine Communities and Public Affairs for SQM’s north zone, Pablo Pisani, and the Mayor of Pozo Almonte, Richard Godoy. These facilities include a bedroom and service areas such as a bathroom and kitchen, aimed at improving habitability and offering ongoing health care services by professionals in the sector.

“We are happy to deliver this project that is long awaited by the community, as part of a joint effort between social organizations and the municipality. Over the last 15 years, this partnership has made it possible for us to carry out conclusive work always aimed at improving the quality of life of the residents,” said SQM Director Pablo Pisani during the ceremony.

The mayor of Pozo Almonte, Richard Godoy, referred to the importance of this public-private partnership, adding that “our neighbors in Pintados today are reaping the benefits, and this is very important since they have worked in conjunction with the company in this area and others such as education, agriculture and productive development. This milestone provides better conditions for the professionals who serve the residents of this sector, and we appreciate SQM’s dedication and joint effort.”

Over the last decade this sector has evolved to provide better services to the community through public, private and community efforts, always with the vision of providing a better quality of life for its inhabitants.

“Before we had nothing and now we have large-scale agriculture, with our products reaching northern Chile. Now we are happy to add these improvements to the health clinic, which benefit more than 300 inhabitants. It is important for the authorities and private companies to undertake more of these initiatives. We are determined to continue to produce and reach more people with our products,” commented José Quispe, a farmer in the area.

This initiative is part of SQM’s Sustainability Plan aimed at creating shared social value that has a positive impact on the quality of life of the families of Colonia Agrícola de Pintado and other towns close to the mining company’s operations in the Antofagasta and Tarapacá regions.