XI edition of VilTI SeMANN launched in Antofagasta

XI edition of VilTI SeMANN launched in Antofagasta


The event was attended by participants from the different programs, together with their families, who shared their experiences.

With the aim of continuing to strengthen early education and cognitive development through robotics, the XI edition of the VilTI SeMANN 2024 program was launched in Antofagasta, an initiative promoted by the Vice Rector’s Office for Research and Technological Development at Universidad Católica de Norte, with support from SQM’s Iodine and Plant Nutrition Division.

The ceremony was attended by Pablo Pisani, Corporate Affairs Manager for SQM’s Iodine and Plant Nutrition Division; Bárbara Torres, Director of the Innovation and Technology Transfer Department at Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN); Olga Hernández Gallo, Director of the ViLTI SeMANN Program; and families from the different programs, who had the opportunity to share their experiences and expectations.

The Corporate Affairs Manager for SQM’s Iodine and Plant Nutrition Division, Pablo Pisani Codoceo, expressed, “We are very pleased to support ViLTI SeMANN for another year. The program has allowed us to reach the entire region, as well as the Tarapacá Region, with a very rigorous program, while at the same time giving girls and boys a very meaningful learning experience about robotics and science.”

As ViLTI SeMANN focuses on innovation, the kick-off event featured an artificial intelligence (AI) experience, with AI playing the role of master of ceremony and flawlessly leading the presentation of the program’s achievements and objectives.

For her part, UCN’s Director of Innovation and Technology Transfer, Bárbara Torres Vallejos, commented, “As a university, we have a strong commitment to education and being able to intervene or impact young students early on so that they learn about innovation through robotics is fundamental.” She also thanked SQM’s Iodine and Plant Nutrition Division for its unconditional support because the impact achieved through the ViLTI team is a contribution to regional development.

The Director of the ViLTI SeMANN Program, Olga Hernández Gallo, by adding that “this kick-off ceremony here in Antofagasta is important because it is the second year that we have returned to work locally, after seven years growing in other locations. We are very happy because we are going to do all our work sessions here at the Universidad Católica del Norte thanks to the space provided by the School of Education.”

The ViLTI SeMANN Program has established itself as a benchmark in the region, providing innovative methodologies and pedagogical strategies to enhance children’s learning of science and robotics. The ceremony also spotlighted the commitment from UCN and SQM’s Iodine and Plant Nutrition Division to human capital and cognitive development from an early age.

Additional kick-off ceremonies will take place this month and next in the municipalities of Tocopilla, Huara, La Tirana and María Elena, where children will continue to learn about robotics through play.