Iodine and Derivatives

Iodine is produced from caliche ore. SQM has the greatest production capacity in the world for this mineral and is highly committed to developing this industry. We are certified under ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System for the production and sale of iodine, which demonstrates our commitment to the continuous improvement of our processes in order to compete in a dynamic world.

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Qlodine - Iodine ACS / US / EP

Iodine is used in various medical, agricultural and industrial applications. It is the main component of injectable contrast media for clinical examinations, and is used directly in the production of various drugs. In the industrial area, iodine is used in various applications, including disinfectants for the dairy industry, biocides for paints and wood, herbicide, etc. treatments. SQM produces iodine, and through a Joint Venture with Ajay Chemicals, it produces organic and inorganic iodine derivatives. Likewise, SQM through Ajay or on its own, is actively present in the iodine recycling business both in Europe, in the United States and Asia.

Aplicaciones Calidades


  • Medios de contraste rayos-X
  • Nutrición humana y animal
  • Yodóforos (PVPI y otros)
  • Biocidas
  • Síntesis farmacéuticas
  • Film polarizador pantallas LCD/LED
  • Fibras de nylon
  • Polímeros de flúor


  • Grado USP/ACS/EP, gránulos

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